Tuesday 11 September 2012


It's hard to believe that today marks 11 years since 9/11... I remember exactly where I was & what I was doing as the tragedy unfolded. 

Tonight my 10 year old son got in the car and promptly burst into tears and asked "Did it really happen?" I explained a little about what happened on that day and more tears followed. I guess we have never fully explained the full events to shield him from the terrible things that happened that day. He wasn't ready to look at any images but we have promised to sit down together one day and and do just that. 

It's on days like today I truly love, hold close and want to keep safe my family. Sam wasn't even born on that terrible day and to see him so upset by the events that did take place, has made me sit and think a little more than normal about those, whose lives were and still are, affected by this day 11 years ago.


KC'sCourt! said...

Like you I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing - my youngest son had just come in from school, homework didn't get done that night!
Julie xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

No matter how many years pass, this day never ceases to make me sit and wonder why, why, why… we were in Atlanta visiting family and watched it unfold live on the tv, and had to fly home a few days later… I was utterly terrified for the whole flight. It's sad to think I'll have to sit my children down one day and try to explain it to them. Hope your boy feels brighter soon xx

Unknown said...

Aww! Your little guy is very sweet for reacting in such a heart felt way. We remember here in the UK too. It's one of those horrific moments that is etched into people souls. Take care,
Jerra xx