Saturday, 18 June 2016

YAYYYYYYY! Exams are over!

YAY!!! The exams are over.......

and now the Summer can begin, for this happy one anyway, her poor brother still has another 4 weeks to go and that means I still have the school run to do!

So proud of this one though, whatever the outcome she has worked jolly hard x

I've finally motivated myself to get back into decorating mode - gave myself a few weeks off whilst it was sunny and things could be done outside but really want to get the box room ticked off now, ideally before I go away in 3 weeks time. The hard bit is done now - the prep! and boy there was so much prep for such a little room but I've just painted the first coat of the ceiling and am about to go up and start on the walls, the end is in sight.

This weather is making inside decorating jobs easier, it's been pretty soggy the last few days here. I think better weather is forecast for next weekend when Glastonbury Festival is on, we need the sunshine to return, for the rest of the Summer please.

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