Sunday, 12 June 2016

4 weeks and counting!

Four weeks tomorrow, Sophie and I head off to sunny Sorrento. It was her Christmas pressie and post exam treat and something she has to plan, although last night I started looking through the guide books whilst the football was on, to start getting a few ideas. We want to go to Rome for a day and Capri is on the list, as is the Amalfi Coast tour and either Mount Vesuvius or Pompeii - will have to see what we have time for, as we also want a couple of days just relaxing.

I've now got a little challenge on my hands - 4 weeks to get to the bottom of my target range, so I can enjoy the Italian food whilst away.

So I'm being extra good with my food and....

....back running after a little injury.

I've also got back into the decorating today whilst it's been raining. I WILL finish the boxroom (was going to type, before I go to Sorrento but not sure that will honestly happen), so I Will finish the boxroom asap!!

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