Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sheds and summer houses!

Forgot to mention in half term the new shed arrived and with a couple of 'unwilling' helpers, it was up within a couple of hours.

It's now painted, although needs a second coat and everything inside has gone through a very tough de-cluttering process lol! We are not keeping anything we will not use!

So with the summer house now empty, it was time for it to come down as it annoyingly happened to be in the sunniest corner of the garden. We would never on a lovely sunny day, sit 'inside' a summer house, so it's had to go........


And there you have a nice decked corner. The base is still that of the shed, it won't stay but can remain until we have time to do the next bit.

So the garden is beginning to have our stamp on it. It was a lovely garden but had been split into two halves and with the build etc we have had some 'making good' to do. Next year will all be about the plants, pots and actual gardening. Hopefully we can get lots of bulbs in for Spring next year and get lots of pots planted out for next Summer and maybe a little area for some vegetables too.

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