Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bit of a catch up!

It's been a funny old week, around here is pretty much ruled by Glastonbury and Wednesday was pretty much spent sitting in traffic or trying to dodge the tail backs, in an attempt to get on with everyday life. Thank goodness Sophie had finished her exams is all I can say. 

We spent Tuesday in Bath, Prom shoe shopping - wasn't a task I looked forward too but it ended up being a lot easier and cheaper than I'd thought. We are now ready for the big event on Thursday and I'm here hoping the sun shines for them all.

We have had far too much of the wet stuff! I really do hate the rain and when you go from blue skies one minute to this the next, you can appreciate why!

We woke up to this news on Friday of course - feeling very unsettled about what the future holds.

So we cheered ourselves up with pancakes for lunch, as it was an INSET day
and Sam LOVES pancakes!

Saturday was a 6/7hour round trip to Cornwall and back, to surprise my Dad on his 70th Birthday and it was great, he really didn't have a clue we were coming

Cake and Birthday bunting made by Sophie

So a lovely family lunch then headed home to what is today, another soggy Sunday in Somerset. Come on sunshine we want you back! What's the betting that it'll be glorious sunshine the week I'm in Italy and nothing here either side #sigh!

Have a good week x

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