Monday, 3 April 2017

Don't miss your last chance to buy!

Tomorrow is the last day to buy from our website 

I've been busy over at the unit picking and packing orders. I've also brought home two on my Billy bookcases, joined them together, to make them deep enough to house my stash of dots and spots wrap, before it's gone for good. As you can see, I am a wrapping paper addict - I have rolls of the stuff! It did all used to hide in my lovely old wardrobe but we've moved that down into Jeff's study, to make room for a bigger wrap store. I've still a little more to bring over but there's in excess of 2000 sheets there, plus all the rolls!! Should last me a while.

So tomorrow the website closes and I take stock of all that's left. 
It's been a busy few weeks!

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