Sunday, 23 April 2017

Easter Hols - Garden Project

Jeff goes back to school tomorrow after a 3 week break. As with every holiday, we like to tick off another project and as always Jeff ends up going back to school for a rest. 

This holiday, our main focus has been clearing the unit and closing down dots and spots but with the Summer approaching, we also wanted to tackle the 'sunny corner'. If you remember it was once home to the summer house, which we removed last summer. I think we thought that the concrete was okay, better than the Summer house but I thought it was a bit back yard'ish, with the different surfaces and old plastic pots that had been left.

So we, or rather Jeff, has built another deck!

I removed all the ivy off the wall, as we intend to have planting all around the back of the deck - grasses or bamboo - something to add some greenery in front of the old brick walls, slight screening from the houses at the back but we don't want to lose our view of the Tor

We intend to make a proper deck path and gravel up to the edge of the deck over the crazy paving. We've planted a couple of white hydrangeas, which we hope will eventually fill that bit of bed.

We've cleared part of this bed along the side, ready to plant out some beans and peas.

And further along that bed, we've planted out some raspberry canes and strawberry plants, where the blackberries are and added in a rhubarb, ready for picking next year..

I've moved the old step ladder down to the side of the house and planted out these red planters I had over at the unit, with geraniums. I intend to add some more herbs when it gets a little warmer and have potted up a mint - perfect spot for picking, by the back door.

I picked up a new table and couple of chairs from Ikea for the top deck - we ate out there last Summer. You get gorgeous sunshine in the morning at breakfast time, half sun/shade at lunch and mostly shade at tea when/if it's hot - perfect.

We've utilised a couple of the pots that were left and we brought over from our previous house. The old pail is full of Hosta's and the old chimney, proudly holds the cascading strawberry planter.

The old apple tree is full of blossom this year and we've planted an aubergine, courgette, cucumber and squash plants in the space underneath. They may come to nothing but at less than a pound a plant, it's worth a go!

There is still a lot to do and will probably be on hold now until half term, unless there are jobs I can get on with on my own. We spend so much time out in the garden, it's so nice now that's it's feeling like ours. The previous owner had the garden looking lovely but it wasn't completely to our taste. Then with the building work and subsequent mess, it's slowly taking shape and feeling more like us x

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