Saturday, 22 April 2017

End of another week!

Heading over to the unit now every day this week to palm off furniture to various people.
This morning the big Ikea units go and by Tuesday morning everything, except what's staying for the next occupants, will have been found a home!

Annoyingly they can't come until Thursday, but this little lot of packet tops is being collected for recycling  and then Friday it's time for a room inspection, key handover and I'm done.

Yesterday I had a well earned day off. I went to Slimming World, faced the scales after 5 weeks and was relieved to still be in my target range. Aiming now to head back to the bottom end but I've no big events to spur me on, just me and the will to do it. After group, a fellow Slimming Worlder was celebrating her birthday and invited a few of us back to hers for this lovely lunch - it was delicious.

So I'm about to head over to the unit - have a great weekend. Not much sunshine in the forecast - it's saving it's arrival for when I'm done and have some time to enjoy it x

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