Saturday, 16 May 2020


Week 8 of Lockdown....

8 weeks of 8pm clapping our thanks to our fabulous NHS, Carers and Key Workers.

Would like to say 8 books read but 4 is still a pretty good achievement for me!

It's 8 weeks ago I was due a haircut and colour!

That's 12 weeks since it's actually been cut and they're saying it'll be another 7 weeks at least until hairdressers can open, on or after July 4th! I have had to resort to allowing Jeff near me with the clippers! I don't know who was more scared, me of the outcome or Jeff blamed with it!! All in all, he did a good job, as long as you don't look too closely.


So as with a few other previous weeks, I've taken the Friday off as holiday and given myself a 4 day mini break from work. The weather wasn't so great, really chilly, so caught up on jobs around the house and that haircut!! Quick walk around the block with Sam for a burst of exercise in the evening, whilst Jeff had his weekly Spanish lesson with Daniel in Mexico.


Thursday was sunnier but a chill breeze, so Sam and I decided to head off in the afternoon for our 'Boris Walk'. We of course clapped dutifully at 8pm (hot water bottle to hand!)

Walk at Combe Hill wood, even saw a deer.


With Jeff teaching and Sophie revising, Sam and I went off out for the day.

We headed back to Combe Hill wood but planned to walk the final stage of the Polden Way to Hurcott Hill, then back. We took a picnic with us and found the perfect spot to have our lunch with a view. It's such a fabulous walk just 3 miles up the road. A huge positive of lockdown life.


Jeff now has Saturdays off in lockdown. Whilst he ran, I did the food shop, then came home and  baked  the weekly batch of cookies. I contacted our Hotel in Pisa to cancel our booking and they very kindly exchanged our current booking for a voucher, to use at a later stage. Just waiting for EasyJet now to cancel the flights, so we can get a refund or rebook. It's so disappointing but I obviously know it's for the best and we will get to go when this is all over. Jeff still immerses himself in his learning of Spanish, he should be reasonably fluent by the time we are allowed to go again!!

Sophie and I walked around the block, a break from revision for her, she's another exam on Tuesday. She has had more details through about her Placement Year with the ONS, so is confident it will definitely go ahead, even if it has to be remotely initially.

I saw this fabulous Angela Smyth original earlier on in the week and decided to treat myself with my bonus from work. It made me think of Italy and all those yummy treats we are going to miss out on. Still, eventually we will have it all to look forward to again x

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