Sunday, 3 May 2020


How have we been doing this for 6 whole weeks???

I think because I've stayed working, life doesn't seem so very different for me. Obviously work itself is different, in the way we go about our daily procedures etc but we're a good supportive team - in it together! I got asked to design a poster for an in store competition. Felt good to do something a little creative for once, although who knew rainbows were actually quite tricky to draw!?!

We said farewell to the month of April on Thursday.....

.....and welcomed in the new month of May!
Who knows what lies in store for us all in the month ahead.

The weather has changed this week, much more unsettled. I worked the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and although I didn't have a full day off on Friday like the past couple of weeks, I worked 6-10pm, so it felt like I had a good break away again.


Stayed at home, baked, 'Boris Walked' and caught up on odd jobs at home. 
A lot of our planned events from this year are being rescheduled to next year. Hopefully all will still be achievable to get to, lots to look forward to.


We always clap for the NHS/Care Workers/Key Workers on a Thursday evening, it's the new routine but today we also gave thanks to Captain Tom who celebrated his 100th birthday, a man who has raised millions for the NHS recently.


A local man Stanley, also celebrated his 100th birthday this week. He's a customer in Sainsbury's, who obviously hasn't been in of late. I was sad to miss wishing him a happy birthday in person but happy to see his family, neighbours etc celebrated with him (from a distance)


The sun returned on Saturday, so I spent the afternoon out in the garden, started my 4th book!! In the evening we decided to drive to our place of exercise. We've been doing out 'Boris Walks' from our house and within the allotted hour but new guidelines say you can drive to your place of exercise, as long as you exercise for longer than the time it takes you to get there! 

The Polden Way/Combe Hill Woods are literally 3 miles from the house, a 6 minute drive, so we headed there on Saturday evening, avoiding the busy part of the day and hardly saw another soul. Absolutely stunning scenery and definitely worthy of a return visit.

The worst bit about lockdown is all the baking I've been doing. Far too many yummy treats to resist. This week alone I've baked fork biscuits, almond oat slices, rocky road and rock cakes. To be fair I'd rather bake and they all eat this, than processed, sugar laden treats from the shops but still..... my body won't be summer ready if we can suddenly go on holiday in July!! 
(not that for one minute I think that's going to happen!!)

Anyway the sofa is calling me! An 8 hour shift at work is exhausting at the moment and I've to do it all over again tomorrow. This is my favourite shot of the week, from our walk last night. Sophie won't come due to her fear of dogs, which is a real shame, so I make sure I get her to come with me a couple of times a week, just around the neighbourhood. She starts her exams this coming week, so it does her good to walk away any stress.

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