Saturday, 23 May 2020


Lockdown week nine! 
The week Sam should have had his first A Level exam...

...the week we should have enjoyed Scouting for Girls and McFly at the Bath Festival! 
In fact I should be there right now!

My 'Life is Sweet' original painting arrived to cheer me up.....

...and the stones at Pomparles made me smile on our Tuesday evening walk.


Wednesday was a hot, sunny day. A day I regretted saying I'd work. I swapped my hours around to help them out, turned out to be the best day of the week. Got home in time to enjoy tea out in the garden and Jeff and I sat out on the bench in the front garden to make the most of the evening sun, before going out for our walk.....

....just a quick walk across the buttercup fields.


With nothing to do and nowhere to go, the day still seemed to pass me by.

Jeff and I still went out for our 'Boris Walk'. 
Other than Sunday and Monday when I work 8hr shifts, I've gone out every day.


Considering this was the day I swapped in for working on Wednesday, it was disappointing weather wise. It stayed dry but it was quite blustery and hard to find a sheltered spot to enjoy the sunshine. I did a big Sainsbury's shop in the morning, to make use of the extra discount we've got at the moment (queuing to get in is the new normal) and then tried to read in the afternoon.

Jeff, Sam and I went back to Coombe Hill Woods for an evening walk. We had the place to ourselves, partly due to the time of evening, partly due to the blustery wind and I'm guessing, partly because you are now allowed to travel further afield!?!


So today has fallen into a new routine, quick food shop, bake cookies, catch up with phone calls. We opted for an afternoon walk, as Sophie and I plan to watch Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage version of the 'Sound of Music' this evening. The first musical Sophie went to see in London age 7, following on from the TV show 'How do you solve a problem like Maria?' Jeff took Sam on the London Eye to kill time and spent the rest of the time riding around on the London Underground, as Sam loved the TV programme 'Underground Ernie'!!

Today Sam loves the woods. He's so much more of a country than city boy. 
He's in no great hurry to move away from this area for the big city.

So here's to another week in Lockdown!

I'll be honest, I don't feel as a country we have been in proper lockdown. I personally feel it's been more of an inconvenience to many, rather than a properly enforced lockdown that many other countries have endured. With restrictions easing and people doing as they please, I do fear we will have a new peak and end up in this cycle for longer than is necessary, with more lives being lost. 

The best thing of lockdown has been being in it together, 
spending more time together as a family......

.... and our 'Boris walks' x

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