Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Pinch and a punch......Advent ready!!!

Pinch and a punch....

.....hello December.

And the most stunning sunrise to start the day and the new month.

We are Advent ready!
The Christmas robin has made it's annual appearance, the chocolate tin is ready and full, the Christmas candle is ready to light, the Christmas serviettes ready to use and...

....we each have our Advent calendars. 
Paper ones for Sophie, Sam and I and Jeff has a tea one to enjoy this year.

The wreath is on the door...

...and a new addition, sparkly confetti lights up in the kitchen!

From now until Christmas, we get to wear a Christmas jumper to work. 
Only have twelve to choose from!!!

But I do now have to crack on and get my Christmas cards written. 
It looks to be wet, rainy on Thursday, if that's the case, that'll be my job for Thursday.

So I suspect many of you will have your trees already up, which I totally get, this being the year it's been but we won't be doing ours until the 10th at the earliest, more likely the 12th when Sophie is off work. I love Christmas but would be fed up of the clutter by the big day, so will be dripping in my festive cheer, like every year, as we nudge closer to the big day x 

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