Monday, 4 January 2021

A little extra post

I thought I'd write an extra post as I've a few extra photo's I'd like to share!
I always like to take a photo of  'US' at the start of a new year. Took a little longer to assemble everyone this year, due to Sophie and Sam celebrating with friends, up in their rooms through the wonders of zoom but I coaxed and cajoled them together finally after tea.

On Saturday Jeff and I headed out early to Ham Wall Nature Reserve, it's within my 5 mile radius of the house and now we're in Tier 4, I am conscious in how far I should travel for exercise. It was a beautiful morning and for most of it, we didn't see anyone.

We did meet this wonderfully friendly robin....

....and I did manage to capture this fabulous shot.

The detail!!
We did say, if we'd had food, it would have eaten from our hand.

On Friday I started to watch this fab programme - The Serpent. I had been undecided about watching it but thought I'd watch the first episode and see how it was. Well, I then binge watched a further 3 episodes on Saturday and a further 4 after work on Sunday! It was excellent but frightening, given it was based on a true story. 

As with all new years, I fill my house with bulbs.
It's my way of getting through the winter months

And today I bought my first daffodils, the first of many bunches!!

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