Saturday 9 January 2021


And so it begins.....

....lockdown three!!
As with lockdowns one and two, I survived them both by getting out and walking. That's my plan for lockdown three, to walk, when I can! The weather isn't going to be great but I can always find excuses.

Tuesday and a walk up to the Hood Monument.

Wednesday, a burst up Wearyall Hill.

Thursday, a fantastic frosty walk down along the River Brue.

Friday, a quick whizz along the top of the Poldens.

And today Saturday, an explore around Street and some local pathways.

I've also managed to capture a few robin pics on my walks.

Wrong side of the branch!!

Today's willing poser!

Same robin but in a different spot.

First sighting of purple catkins - never knew they were even a thing.

I have upgraded my phone, still a OnePlus but an 8 rather than a 5. I'm spoilt now with my new camera but am still interested to see what this can do. The picture below is taken with my new phone.

I've just taken down the New Year garland, hedging all my bets on spring flowers dotted around the house, to see me through Winter. Am working Sunday and Monday, got a day off on Tuesday, so it won't be too bad. Would love to afford to do just a two day week, would love to not have to work at all, could easily fill my time and am super jealous of those, where money isn't an issue, being furloughed!! Sam is currently being furloughed, being paid to do bugger all!! He's become nocturnal, staying up until the early hours gaming with friends, making an appearance in the afternoon...... Jeff is teaching virtually from home, Sophie is back up in the spare 'office' room working from home and I'm still going in, facing disgruntled customers who don't like to be told what to do!! It's so frustrating, we've been doing this now for 9 months plus now, so being asked to take a step back when queuing should not be a big deal. I go in to every shift now with trepidation, worried about what confrontations I may be faced to deal with. Don't get me started on the anti mask wearers!!  Fine with legitimate exemption but the rest????? Hence I'd happily not work at all at the moment. 

Anyway just two days in and five days off, have a good week x

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