Saturday, 23 January 2021


I worked the Sunday Monday, Tuesday, it rained all day Wednesday!
Lockdown life continues, the start of week 3.....

.......and I baked!

I've devoted some of my time trying to capture my feathered friends. In all honesty, I could waste hours poised with my camera, ready and waiting for 'the' shot!!

And when it's not been raining, I've been out with my camera, walking.

Spotted my first wild snowdrops too.

Friday's walk was mainly on road, I've had enough of the mud now!
Stunning views from around and on top of Walton Hill.

And I spotted some fabulous fungi to photograph too. 

And then this morning, I got up and out in time to capture the mist down in the valleys. 
There was a frost, good firm ground to walk on for once. 

There is an abundance of catkins, new buds and shoots if you look for them.

And the house, as always at this time of year, is full of daffodils. These are the ones Mum and Dad posted last week. They've been fantastic and I'm only now having to replace them.

We moved the pots of daffodils round to the back door too. 
It's always good to catch that little glimpse of promise, out of the corner of your eye x

Oh! and the first haircut of this lockdown just took place. It's 10 weeks until Easter, so if we're in lockdown until then, it's best to just bite the bullet and get on with it!!


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