Friday 1 January 2021

HELLO 2021!!

Pinch and a punch......

....hello January....

....and 2021!!!!


It's a huge relief to say good bye to 2020 and welcome in the new year.

A cold and frosty start to 2021. 

Sophie and I went out for a walk bright and early before we changed our minds. It was such a beautiful cold, frosty start to the year but treacherous underfoot and saw poor Sophie come a cropper!!

These frosty days are so beautiful though and even more so with my new camera.

I also managed to capture these turf wars going on! 
I never knew robins had such an aggressive streak!

Anyway 2021, a year that still potentially could be as bad as the last but also a year with such promise due to the vaccine! Here's hoping the Government doesn't mess that up and gets it rolled out as quickly and efficiently as possible, so better times can begin. I miss not being able to meet with a friend for a coffee, to be able to hug my parents or hold my granny's hand. I miss being able to just meet up with others, to be in close proximity. I've missed the theatre, live music, holidays abroad...

So 2021 you need to be amazing.......
you need to deliver, we all have such high hopes xx


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