Sunday 8 August 2021

Birthday Boy in the house!!

Yesterday was Sam's birthday!

My baby is 19!!!

And I went out, out!!!
Out to see, hear, dance to LIVE music and it was brilliant!

We bought tickets to the Bath Festival way back in 2019, for May last year, 
that then got rescheduled to May this year, than then got rescheduled again for yesterday!!

I went with my sister and niece and met with an old school friend and her daughter and had the best time, despite the rain. It was just so good to do something normal and enjoyable and Scouting for Girls were as fab as ever and my first time seeing McFly!

I also got a new passport this week. Was told it could take up to 10 weeks, got it in a matter of days. So relieved to finally have a passport with a picture of me, that actually looks like me! I'd lost 4 stone from my previous picture and always had to have extra checks, so hoping this will make life easier..

As always, we've booked our holiday for next year. I always come home from my summer holiday and start researching where to go the following year. We loved being back in Greece this summer, so have booked Kefalonia for next year. I've been before, when inter-railing 30 years ago and unsurprisingly can't actually remember much about it. We've split the holiday into 3 parts again, as that worked out really well this year, felt like 3 mini holidays.

We will arrive late, so 2 nights in Argostoli, will give us a day to explore...

...then 5 nights in Fiskardo....

...and 5 nights in Assos. 
We have booked the apartment circled!!

So a good week!
Celebrating our 25th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday, a walk with a friend, 
a birthday, live music, out with friends and a holiday to look forward too!
Oh, and I'm out tonight, leaving drinks for a friend at work!!

A busy bee and it feels good x

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