Friday 20 August 2021

Farewell Granny xx

It is with huge sadness that I come on here to share with you the news of my Granny's passing. 
She died peacefully yesterday evening, Thursday 19th August 2021

She'd not been well and has been between care homes and hospital since April, after falling and breaking her wrist. She has been unconscious for the past two weeks, before slipping away peacefully last night x

I feel very sad that I've been unable to spend much time with her over the past 18 months due to Covid. This square of nine photo's represents the limited times I have been able to spend with her. I wish I could have hugged her, held her hand, kissed her cheek but it wasn't to be BUT I have plenty of wonderful memories to hold dear.

This was the last time we were able to be close to her as a family of four.
Christmas 2019

And this was the last time my sister and I visited her 'maskless' in the January of 2020.

This was the first time we were able to visit after lockdown, 
on my dad's birthday, June 2020

And on her 97th birthday
July 2020

My sister and I popped down in the October

And the three of us after the November lockdown, an early Christmas present!

Since then I've had 3 facetime calls with her, one on Christmas day, then whilst in hospital and on her 98th birthday. I used to phone her every single day, just so she had someone to talk to and I will miss just hearing her voice, talking about the weather and her proudly asking about what Sophie and Sam were up to.

The last time I saw her, still unable to physically be with her, was at the end of July
 through a care home window

But when she realised it was us, this was the smile that greeted us 
and this will be my final memory of her. 

Sam could never do any wrong - the Golden boy!!

She was immensely proud of these two....

....these 3!
Her Great Grandchildren.

 I had her 100 year Birthday card bought and ready, convinced she'd make it to the big day! 
I'll keep it and will celebrate in thought xx

We love you Granny and will miss you terribly.

Rest in peace xx


Poppy Q said...

Sorry for your loss of such a wonderful grandmother. It is a beautiful post, and you can see all the love you all shared in the photos.


dots and spots said...

Thank you, she lived a good life and I was very lucky to have her around for as long as I did x