Sunday 15 August 2021

London, walks, cooking lessons.....

Another busy week and not much sunshine to write home about!

Worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday this week and then walked with my friend Lynn on Thursday, getting wet for the last part, as the mizzle set in!!

I've been trying to get Sam to cook with me in the evenings, get him ready for Uni!!

Friday was Sophie's double jab day over in Shepton. 
I took her and then we headed over to The Newt for a walk and coffee.

And then yesterday (Saturday) Jeff and I headed to London for the day!
The first time since October 2019.

 Our first stop was my reason for going..... see The National Covid Memorial Wall, an emotional walk along the South Bank.

I'd seen it on the news and felt I needed to go and see it for myself.
We then made our way over to Covent Garden and found a quiet street cafe to have a bite to eat. It was very busy and I will say I was the most 'Covid aware' that I've been in a long time. We walked as much as possible and kept our distance as much as we could and used masses of hand sanitiser!!

Next stop was a walk over to Kensington Gardens....

...and the Van Gogh Alive Exhibition.

All his painting and life story were projected onto large screens around you, 
whilst music accompanied the changing images. 

I enjoyed it, Jeff not so much, if his yawning was anything to go by!!

But he did enjoy his first visit to the Sky Garden.
 I've been a couple of times before with Sophie for her 18th and then another time with Sam. 

It's housed at the top of the Walkie Talkie Building. It's free to go in but you do have to book a slot before you go, so worth checking out the website if interested.

Jeff was a student in London, so he was keen to find his old stomping ground.

And of course from here you can see the Shard but if you go up it, you have to pay!!

I think it's a fab 'free' place to visit in London.

Our final planned stop was tea, at The Real Greek in Marylebone. Thankfully we had to check out the address, as when I checked my emails there was one saying 'Your Train has been CANCELLED!!!!!' That of course sent us into a slight panic and we headed back over to Paddington. There was no later train, so we had to cancel our reservation and ended up with a disappointing Train Station picnic tea instead!! It did mean we got home an hour earlier and given I've had an 8hr shift at work today, it probably worked out for the best!

And I did get to see this magnificent sunset from the train, on the way home x

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