Saturday 21 August 2021

The rest of the week...

Well on our way through August and not much sunshine to shout out about, 

in fact it's been a pretty rubbish summer and this image pretty much sums it up!

Somehow my fig tree has thrived, a mix of rain and the occasional bit of sunshine, 
has seen it double in size...

...and it's laden with fruit....

...just waiting to ripen!

Five delicious, jammy, figs so far!

I'm the only one who really eats them, so one happy girl right here!

I worked the Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and left as the window man arrived. Finally, after five years of waiting, Jeff and Sam have new windows. We ran out of money whilst doing the extension and agreed before we started not to go into debt, just do things as we could afford to do so. So we can now afford to do it, just as Sam heads off for Uni!!

 I also decided to treat myself to some new walking boots. Mine were no longer waterproof and I was fed up coming home with socks you could ring out, so a new pair were needed. It's not like they won't get used!!

As I walked on Thursday with Lynn....

....and on Friday with Jeff.

He patiently waits, whilst I take copious amounts of photographs.

We went to the woods to see if we could spot any fungi. I'm not sure when the season really starts but was very late last year, only really discovering them in mid/late October. So I'm starting early this year.

So I don't miss out!!

Of course we also had the sad news of my Granny's passing this week, which I shared with you in a previous post. I'm going to miss her terribly and feel very sad that I'll never see her again but am glad she's now at peace xxx

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