Saturday, 11 June 2022

A quieter week!


 After my rare and lovely, I might add, Sunday off, I worked the Monday and Tuesday, plinth change seems to come around very quickly!! Then on Wednesday we headed out early, up the M5 to Cribbs, Graduation Dress shopping!! I saw a lot of changing rooms but thankfully we found the dress for Sophie. I've decided to cobble something together, I've given up searching!!

Sam returned Wednesday evening with a car full of stuff. He still needs to do one more trip as he's acquired a bike this year, annoyingly he can't move out of Hall's and straight into his house, so it all has to come home for the summer and with Sophie's stuff too, I'm not sure where it's all going to go!!

Thursday I headed out for a walk with my friend Lynn, leaving the mess and chaos of home behind me for some much needed fresh air. Rain nearly stopped play but we both decided to risk it. Must say, it was a bit of a slog with waist high grass and nettles in some places to wade through, a good workout though.

She took this photo of me taking a call, I was surprised we got a signal!! It was from a local garage, arranging a time to collect my ....... (old) car!!

It's been on the 'to do' list for a while, Sophie is away for 10 days with 'her' car, which is the car I've been driving and which she will of course need, when she moves up to Cardiff in the next month or so! The other Micra has a constantly flat battery and is going!!! The Corsa is for Sam and Jeff to use but isn't great and then last Sunday Jeff proudly bought and came home with ......

.......a 1991 Peugeot 205, bought unseen off eBay.
A project for him and Sam over the Summer, which if they get mobile, 
will possibly replace the Corsa!! 
Honestly our driveway at the moment must look a right old state with this eclectic collection of cars!!

So the week ahead..... Sophie is away for the week, she's got her Summer Ball tonight, then is off to Centre Parcs for the week on her Korf Ball Tour, home on Saturday, handing in her room key for the very final time! Sam I think is around, he's sooooo vague with his movements but will be off up to Cardiff at some point to do his final clear out, hand his room key in etc Where, oh where has that year gone?????? Jeff plods on at work and I'm working tomorrow (Sunday) and my Monday, got a meeting on Wednesday but hopefully a quieter week. 

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