Saturday 18 June 2022

Some summer last!

I worked my normal Sunday, Monday, was supposed to have a meeting on Tuesday but that got swapped to Wednesday, so I switched things around and headed to Bath for the day.

My 'must have' Bath treat, a warm 'Landrace Bakery' Cinnamon Bun. 
They are deeeeelicious!

Bath was looking beautiful in the sunshine and this year
 Southmead is displaying a colourful sky of butterflies

and still the rainbow, possibly as it's Pride Month.

Anthropologie's window displays never disappoint, beautiful sunflowers this year

My one purchase, this cheery OUI plate from Anthropologie. They had a mug at Christmas time which I wish I'd bought, thought I'd get it online when I got home but never saw it, so wasn't going to make the same mistake again.

Wednesday then was the meeting, thought I'd be in for an hour.....
.......3 hours later, Sam is phoning me up asking where I was!!!

We've had a couple of  beautiful blue sky, hot, sunshiny days.

Which I've dutifully spent out in the garden - holiday prep!!

Everyone is coming and going but I've had a few snatched moments to myself. Jeff is super busy at work, this term may be short but is so busy for him. He was in Swanage on a school trip on Thursday and last night came home, got changed and headed back out for a BBQ. Sam just comes and goes as he pleases!! He has quite a few things ahead, Glastonbury Festival, a friend from the Netherlands staying, moving into his Cardiff house, Priddy Folk Festival, a week away with old school friends, Reading Festival....and somewhere in amongst all that, he needs to work!! to fund this social summer!! Sophie returns today, she's been back to Reading for Summer Ball, to empty her room, enjoyed 5 days at Centre Parcs and will no doubt have a pile of washing to do before we go to Majorca on Monday!

We do have baby blackbird chicks in the back hedge. Jeff discovered the nest a couple of weeks ago, as it's right near the washing line hook. They're growing quickly, might miss them fledging next week when I'm away, which will be a shame.

So a mixed, more relaxed week on the whole and it's been lovely to enjoy some hot sunshine. Today couldn't be more different, a grey misty, murky morning. I'm waiting in all morning for the Micra to be collected for scrap. I waited in all day yesterday, called 3 times to make sure it was be collected but...... they had the wrong number, so the driver didn't come!! Why they didn't contact me, as I'd called 3 times????? Anyway, we go again today and probably waste another morning! Should be here between 8-12, bets on that it'll be more like 3pm!! I find this sort of thing soooooo frustrating. I can never settle until it's done, such a waste of time. 

So tomorrow I work my normal Sunday, got a 'work do' in the evening, then a 5:40 alarm on Monday morning, as I'm doing a early! Only a half shift, have taken the rest off as holiday, as Sophie and I go to Majorca that evening. Am about to go and start organising, won't pack until Monday after work, as everything will just get creased otherwise but I can start to gather up the essentials. Am looking forward to a few days of doing nothing!! And sunshine of course x

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