Sunday, 26 June 2022

Mini break to Majorca

What a week!
Normal Sunday working and half a shift on Monday before jetting off to Majorca with Sophie in the evening. A near empty aeroplane, lots of turbulence and a delay, which meant we didn't arrive at our hotel until 3am......

....but we got to relax poolside all day!

So we went to Can Picafort, not a resort I'd been too before. My initial thoughts weren't great, all very in your face, big blocky hotels, large characterless restaurants but then we discovered ......

....these fabulous sculptures and.....

.......these wonderful murals and it became instantly more appealing.

A full and tiring first day but so lovely to be away.

Wednesday was a big day. Sophie was due to get her results late afternoon, so to distract her, we bused it to Alcudia for the morning. 

 It's a lovely town, very similar to Pollensa, full of character.

We walked the city walls but it was hot.....

so found shade to the streets below.

We returned early afternoon and sat poolside and waited!!!
Finally the results were in and it was cocktails all round, she only went and got a first!
So very proud xx

We went out to celebrate in the evening.
We were actually half board at our hotel but there is just no atmosphere in hotel dining rooms, just a conveyor belt of people going up and down, so after the first night we ate out. Don't get me wrong, the food was lovely and plentiful but a big part of the holiday for me is not having to cook and enjoying my evening meal out and about. We found a great place with the best burger and chips I've ever had - perfect place to celebrate Sophie's fabulous news.

We paddled our way back along the beach front, a perfect ending to a perfect day x

Surprisingly no hangover, and a relaxing morning poolside. 
It's been interesting to see pool/sunlounger tactics. I vowed I would never do a package holiday again after our last experience in Ibiza, where you literally had to stand behind a chain and when it was lifted you actually 'ran' to get a lounger!! But it's been very civilised here. We've arrived at different times of day and had no problem finding somewhere to plonk!! Some people do seem to annoyingly go off for hours leaving towels to claim their spot but on the whole, people have seemed to just come and go, all very refreshingly transient.

Anyway, we left midday and bused it into Palma for the afternoon/evening.
It was hot and Sophie doesn't do really hot but we went into the shops and just paced ourselves. Obviously I'd only been back in October, so remembered it well.

It's a great city 

We even made it to the Cathedral!

Friday, our last full day was a beach day!

I was in the sea by 8:30am!

We went back to the place from our celebrations on Wednesday, as the food was so good.

And we took our final stroll along the seafront...

....admiring the sculptures....

.....and enjoying the sunset.

A lovely few days away together.

Our hotel was a package holiday with TUI, so we got the transfers etc but flights were with easyJet. It was a lovely, clean hotel, fantastic shower, the only thing to say though it was very much geared towards the German tourists, which wasn't a problem unless you liked to chat to lots of people.

This was the view from our balcony over Can Picafort.

Saturday, our final day and we were poolside early morning. 
 Just me and the pool man to begin with!
Wanted to make the most of our last morning before our bus transfer to the airport.

The airport was busy, queued for just under an hour to do the bag drop off, fine through security, then an hour and a half delay but we were home by 9:30pm. 

So a fabulous few days away relaxing, recharging, de-stressing, celebrating, enjoying time together, before Sophie goes off into the world of work xx

Back to reality with a bump though this morning and a 6:50am alarm and work for me.

Jeff on the other hand headed into Glastonbury Festival and met up with Sam, who has been there since Wednesday - relieved to see him looking okay and having the best time!!

As a local, you can get a Sunday ticket and get bused over to the site. Jeff last went in 1987, massively different, loved every minute but has work in the morning, so headed home before the masses.

I think he's had a wonderful time. Although it can be a pain with the traffic some years, we are soooooo lucky to have this amazing, incredible event on our doorstep. Maybe next year!?!

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