Sunday 5 June 2022

Jubilee Celabrations

With being away, I haven't really given much thought to the Jubilee Celebrations, other than hunt out my old vintage flags and I was gifted this mug.

I did buy some M&S Connie the Caterpillar Crown choc rolls and thankfully hid them away, as we had surprise visitors on the Saturday morning.

My Auntie (my mums sister) Uncle and cousins popped in en route from Dundee to Cornwall. Now I've not seen them for at least 12 yrs could be longer, so it was really lovely to see them and have a catch up xx

Then in the afternoon Jeff, Sophie and I went to see Top Gun. There has been so much hype about this film, with the delayed opening too due to Covid but it did not disappoint and was a surprisingly emotional watch, with many throwbacks to the first film. 

So I  have a rare Sunday off today as Jeff goes back to school tomorrow and it's the last day of his half term holiday. Sam heads back to Cardiff tomorrow after being home for a couple of days, I go back to work Monday, Tuesday and Sophie is home until Friday, before she heads back to Reading, goes off to Centre Parcs with her Korf ball team for the week and then packs up and comes home with her remaining stuff, leaving Uni Halls forever!! She and I then then head off to Majorca for 5 days on her return!! So I have 2 weeks to lose my Italian gain and a few more pounds before our mini break away, no pressure!!

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