Saturday, 1 October 2022

Pinch and a punch.......

......hello October!!

I know!! How can it be October already!?!

Farewell September, gone in the blink of an eye!! A whirlwind month which has seen Sophie move into her very first flat and Sam move into his shared student house, after many trips to Cardiff and back! Walks in the woods, a shopping trip to Bath, a night out with my sister and Davina McCall and all things menopause!! Catch ups with friends, with a coffee or beer!! Celebrating 5 years working at Sainsbury's!! A busy but good month xx

Have been treated to some wonderful views of the Tor, 
always worth opening the shutters up to see this view.

I've been trying to get on top of the house jobs this week. Tidying Sophie and Sam's rooms, dusting, hoovering, steam cleaning the floors.....the list is endless! But I did meet Tracie, my old boss on Wednesday for a coffee and catch up. I hate the way work moves managers around all the time. You get used to one and then they're moved on and in this case, I went on holiday and when I came back she was gone!! Anyway we had a good natter, enjoyed a cinnamon bun and caught up!

More wonderful views of the Tor and a wet walk to yoga!!

On Thursday I walked with my friend Lynn and we got soaked!!

Forecast - no rain!
Walk - 2 hours of rain!!
Home - blue skies and sunshine!!

It's was perfect fungi weather though and I must go back with my camera.

I hope this is it for rain and we get to enjoy a warm, sunny, dry autumn.

It rained again on Friday, so I took myself off to the cinema, a little escapism and watched 'Mrs Harris went to Paris' a lovely enjoyable watch! I love our local independent cinema, an afternoon matinee is just £7 with free coffee and biscuits, what's not to like and I'm always the youngest there by about 20 years!! Ha! Have a good week, I'm off for a walk once the rain passes on by!

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