Monday, 23 January 2023

A week of two halves!

It's been a funny old week, I've been feeling sorry for myself!

Beautiful sunrise before work on Sunday x

I feel I've lost a week!
It started off okay. Worked my Sunday, Monday, and then.....

....walked with Lynn on Tuesday as the forecast was dry. 
It was blumin freezing but dry, icy and just a good day to get outside.

We parked up at Middlewick and walked up, down and around the Tor.

Meat a few friendly robin's on our way around.

We stopped back at the cafe for a coffee, a good day.

Then Wednesday I felt awful. 
Kept hitting the snooze button but then ended up spending the whole day in bed. 
Ached everywhere, sinus pain, exhausted, so slept all day. Missed yoga!

Cancelled plans to go to the cinema on Thursday and had a sofa day. Got up Friday, a friend came around for coffee but had a lazy afternoon and ended up cancelling plans to meet a friend on Saturday, as still not 100% and knew I had work on Sunday!

So!! A week of two halves. Frustratingly I've missed some beautiful frosty, cold, blue sky days to go out walking with my camera. I've had to cancel plans and I hate letting people down. I did get enough energy in the tank, to go to work and we did go out for a meal last night, but I will be having a slow week this week. Try to get back some energy xx

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