Saturday 20 May 2023

Blue skies and sunshine.....


This is what we've been waiting for and needed.

The perfect excuse to just sit and relax x

I've had a very quiet week. 
My walking friend was away, but I still managed to get out and enjoy the fresh air, 
even if it was just five minutes up the road!

What a view!
Sam and I would often walk here, he introduced me to it.
He's had his first exam this week. 
I'm proud of how he has turned things around this year.

I had my 11th Chiropractor appointment on Thursday. He thinks we're in a position now to move our appointments further apart, which is great news. The deep pain is still there but loads better than it was and he said my movement had improved. After my appointment, I met up with a good work friend for coffee..........3 hours later, we were still sat there!!!

Friday and the weather was changeable, so a day to get all the jobs done. And then in the afternoon, I went over to Wells, to the cinema to see The Book Club. It was worth it for the Italian scenery, but that's about it. Was a bit silly and predictable, although an easy watch on a wet afternoon but don't give up the sunshine to go and see it!!! I really want to see 'Are you there God, it's me Margaret?' Takes me back to my school days, passing around the Judy Blume book under our aprons in woodwork class!! Will have to squeeze it in, on a cloudy afternoon. 

Today, however, has been wall to wall blue skies and sunshine.
A Glorious Day x

Not gonna lie, have spent all day shuffling around my sun lounger, into the sunniest spots! I'm working tomorrow and it's going to be another beautiful day. Although not long now, just two Sunday's left to work, as I've holiday booked in for my last one! Will take it unpaid if I don't have enough holiday to take! The Store Manager has been away on holiday, returns on Monday. I'm dreading seeing her, she will be so disappointed and I'm guessing will try and persuade me to change my mind, if the two other managers I've spoken to, are anything to go by. I must stay strong. To be honest, I have made my decision and I know it's the right thing to do for many reasons, so I just need to remember why I have, and explain honestly what led me to this outcome.

The Alliums are a triumph! Jeff moved all the bulbs from the front last week and planted them in the lawn, in the hope they'll flower next year. He's planted out the first of the sunflowers from the porch and will put in some more seeds over the next couple of weeks, to hopefully stagger the growing season. We will plant a lot more Alliums next year, in clumps and pots, they're looking beautiful and as they always flower later, it's best to avoid the front planter.

I'm being really good on my healthy focus. I've been doing a low inflammation diet, to see if it can help improve my back and menopausal aches and pains. Even my knuckles were hurting and stiff. Since coming back from holiday a month ago, I have lost a stone and feel so much better for it. I have 5 weeks to go, until my 30 year University reunion. I want to look and feel great for that and then it'll be only 6 weeks until we go on our family holiday. Jeff and I have then booked a cheeky extra week away, as we found a cheap deal and I'm no longer compromised by the holiday allowance that I had at work.

My fig tree is looking fabulous, full of fruit. Not sure how I'll pick some this year, as it's the tallest it's ever been and most of the fruit is on the new growth. Think I'll loose a few to the neigbours, not that that's a problem. Will be my perfect excuse to go back into work and see my old colleagues, whilst delivering fresh figs. I'm the only one who eats them in our house, so used to take them into work on a regular basis, as they fruited around the same time, I had so many and I hate waste!!

The Hosta's are looking fabulous too.
Somehow we've kept the slugs and snails at bay!!
In fact the whole garden is looking lovely this year.

Maybe the colder, wetter Spring has delayed the lovely luminous green and everything has just been ready and waiting to blossom. Right I need to sort out a few things before I settle down on the sofa and relax before tomorrow beckons. Two more Sunday's and repeat. 
That should get me through tomorrow!!


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