Sunday 7 May 2023

Cardiff and the Coronation

Pinch and a punch.....

.......hello May!!

Last Sunday whilst I was at work, Jeff planted out this years first sunflower seeds.

I put up the bunting, my nod to the Coronation. 
As I now share my birthday with our King, I felt had to do something!!

The weather has not been great but I've tried to keep going out for my 'once around the block' walks after mealtimes.

First sunflower action!!

Wednesday was supposed to be a gloriously sunshiny day but.... there's always a but!! It was cold, there was a chilly, strong breeze, so I took myself over to Wells to the cinema to see 'The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry'. Glad I'd made the effort to see it, just a lovely film, sad but nice at the same time. I believe the book is a good read too. I won't say anymore, wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone.

I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, cinema Wednesday and then walked with Lynn on Thursday. It seems ages since we walked. I've been away, she's been away, so it was lovely to walk and catch up.

We headed over to Wells, to the bluebell woods. Just caught them before going over.

Always a stunning sight, a carpet of blue as far as the eye can see.

Friday, I day tripped it to Cardiff.
I got the 376 bus to Bristol Temple Meads, then the train up to Cardiff.
Felt like a proper little adventure.

Posh loo doors at Bristol Temple Meads train station.

Sam met me off the train. I swapped over some bits I'd brought up from home and took him to Sainsbury's to do a top up shop, make the most of our increased discount.

He then went back and I had 3 hours to shop!! I like Cardiff for shopping. 
The weather was awful but I missed all the rain, as all the shops are under cover.

Sam then met me and we walked over to Cardiff bay....

....and met up with Sophie.

Treated them both to tea at HubBox.

Then Sam headed back, he was having a house party!! 
Whilst Sophie and I .....

...headed over to the Millenium Centre.....

.....for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Our 'Charlie' was in Les Mis when we saw it in Bristol. He actually sat right beside us in the restaurant, having his tea with his chaperone. We didn't realise at the time, the part he had in Les Mis but he was pretty much on stage the whole time in Charlie, fantastic talent. 

Sophie and I then drove back to Somerset. When we booked the tickets, way back in July last year, we had no idea that it was going to be the Coronation weekend, the Queen hadn't even died!! So rather than me stay up in Cardiff, as we originally intended, Sophie wanted to come home. We pretty much spent most of yesterday watching the Coronation.

Our King!

Today is Sunday and I have a rare Sunday off!! 
Booked originally for Cardiff, but it's quite nice just spending the day at home, with no particular plans. I'm desperately hoping the sun will break through and we can spend the afternoon out in the garden. Everything seems later this year. The alliums are finally about to flower.

The fig tree is full of promise!

And the sunflowers are off to a flying start in the porch.

Last night Sophie and I booked our accommodation for Amsterdam. Who knew Amsterdam was soooo expensive!! Was quite shocked!. When I search out accommodation, I limit my spend to max £120 a night and go down in price as I search. Normally that gives me 100's of options. I think last night, it gave me 3!! Everywhere was so expensive. We ended up booking directly through the hotel, saving us around 50 euros. I had no idea it would be so expensive. When Sam went recently, he stayed at a friends house, so negated this. Anyway it's now booked and with flights works out at £396.30 each for a 5 day trip, so still less that £100 a day ! Am now booking time off for this time next year, Lisbon and Porto hopefully. Always nice to have something to look forward to xx

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