Saturday 10 February 2024

A nothing week!

Doing my post a day early, as we're off to Cornwall tomorrow for a couple of days to see my Mum and Dad. Jeff broke up for half term yesterday lunchtime. I've had a really nothing kinda week on paper, but have got a lot done in my head!!

Other than meeting my neighbour for coffee and going for my boob check up, I've done very little. I did invigilate one exam back on Monday but that's about it. The weather has been rubbish - grey, wet, cold, miserable. Got a bit of blue sky today, that makes all the difference but the weather is looking unsettled for the week ahead. I'm done with this rubbish weather. I must confess, I've spent a big chunk of time down a YouTube, podcast, research hole, all about protein and collagen and menopause and...... I want to use the 5 weeks after half term, to be really focused and disciplined in my food choices, so I can start to feel better, lessen the aches and pains, hence I'm giving the collagen a go......

I've bought some collagen to try. There are sooooo many brands and powders and capsuals and celebrities, trying to get you to buy a specific brand.....bit of a minefield. Which is why I've probably not bought it before. Plus it's expensive to get wrong. So I hope I've gone for the right one and start to feel some of the benefits! I've familiarised myself with good protein sources and revisited PCOS and what to avoid to feel better!. Every winter I fall into a carb trap. I know they're no good for me but I want/crave/eat them nonetheless. So I figure after half term, I'm in the Gallery 4 days a week, for 5 weeks. What I take to work with me, is what I can eat. I have no means to snack or buy anything extra. So if I take in good food, that is all I can have! And I finish at 5pm, so we'll be straight into having tea once home, so no 3pm hungry/bored/looking for something to eat, time!!! It's just over 8 weeks until we go to Italy and 20 weeks until we go to Greece. I want to feel amazing for both. Fit, healthy, energised, no aches and pains! So if I don't get my arse in gear pronto, time will run out. So a couple of days in Cornwall to enjoy first - pasty, fish and chips, cream tea!!! Then it's back to it! I'll let you know if I stick to it and how I get on!!

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