Sunday 18 February 2024

Half term

Half term

Went to Cornwall in the rain.....
.....came home from Cornwall in the rain!
But we were so lucky to get two dry'ish days whilst we were there!

So after 20+ years driving past it and having never gone.... 
we went to the Eden Project.

We really enjoyed it. Obviously went into the two biomes. 
Managed to dodge the showers and had a really good day.

We were so lucky. We were the last group to be allowed to go up onto the upper platform in the Rainforest Biome. The heat was up to 32 degrees, maximum temperature! Fab views from the top! Although a bit hot and sweaty

As with most places I go to, I'm always happy to see a friendly robin.

We were staying with my mum and dad. With out Newt membership you can get into a few places for free. Eden yesterday and the Lost Gardens of Heligan. I went here the last time I was down but Jeff had never been, so with a dry day forecast, we lucked out. 

I love it there.

The gardens are beautiful and there are a few good walks.

The jungle rope bridge.

We were sensible and bought pasties en route. 
Although still had to queue half an hour for a coffee! 

Another friend x

We spent our two evenings with mum and dad, enjoyed a couple of meals out.

Then headed on home on Tuesday via Ikea and the big Taunton Sainsbury's.

Tuesday was also Shrove Tuesday, so pancakes for tea!

Wednesday was Valentines day and a catch up day.
Jeff had the dentist, a haircut and his car booked in for new tyres.
I went to Yeovil to collect something from New Look. 

On Thursday we said farewell to 'The Red Shed!!' sort of Sam's first car! We bought it in lockdown once he'd passed his test, so he wouldn't have to drive a 'girlie' Micra! But it's become unreliable, was due to have it's MOT, and this week wouldn't start at all, so it's gone.
We are back to being a two car family! I have my KA, Jeff has his retro Peugot 205!

On Thursday I had a physio session for my back. I've waited over three months. Just fed up of still having back pain a year and a half on, but I think I basically just have to live with it!! Have been given some exercises and an open appointment but basically the gist is 'learn to live with it!!'

We went out in the evening to see the Holdovers. Jeff is trying to see a film a month, and as this was just down at Strode, a 10 minute walk away, we went! It was okay! Would've been disappointed had I gone out of my way to see it but a for a wet Thursday evening in February, it was okay!

I felt a bit off on Friday, had a sore throat and cough starting the day before and now sinus pain but I popped over to Wells in the morning. Making the most of my time off before I start in the gallery next week. Didn't spot the kingfisher but did spots lots of snowdrops and daffodils.

A lovely, albeit damp morning over at The Newt, with my lovely friend on Saturday. Hoping she becomes a member, so we return on a sunnier day. I had a free pass from Christmas, would have otherwise been £20. This was the only picture I took. Was feeling off! Still sinus pain. Mum and dad were both unwell when we were down, so I think they were a little too generous!!

I came home and spent the afternoon and evening on the sofa, binge watching the new One Day series on Netflix, all 14 episodes!!! Read the book back in the day, watched the film, now the series.

Have just discovered we still have the film on dvd!! That's my afternoon sorted!
Jeff goes back to work tomorrow, a six week term ahead. I have 3 days to feel better, before ......

.....I start my 5 week run, hosting the Sustainable Art Exhibition at the Atkinson Gallery. 
It's open Wednesday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm. Anyone can come and look around, you just need to book a slot! via the link in their bio. 

I've had a sneaky peek and it's looking great ⭐️
There's also talk on the Thursday evening, by a couple of the exhibiting artists. Again, it's free, and anyone is more than welcome to come along. I'm looking forward to it. Hoping this focus will speed February and March along, and before you know it, it will be Easter and the better weather xx

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