Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A little project

We have decided to take the house off the market - it's been up for sale since January, a decision  prompted by a house that we liked, which had more space and was affordable. That house has been and gone and after 7 disappointing months, with only 8 viewings, we have made the decision to take it off the market, enjoy it for another year or 2 and make a few simple changes that might make things easier.

 The kitchen being one of those little projects. It's a lovely space but has limited worktop space - the main 'usable' bit being just to the left of the cooker.

 We use the top of the dresser to house the kettle and make tea, coffee etc

 and then there is the tiny bit by the sink which simply isn't enough when washing up. So we have decided to store the lovely larder cupboard over at the premises and try and make more of this space. To buy the same work top was expensive - I only needed 83cm but had to buy a 3 meter piece so we had to come up with a different plan.

 Whilst at Ikea I spotted this trolley which fits in the gap perfectly and is very nearly the correct height.

 There was an extra bit of wood in the free, giveaway bit which made it the perfect height.

 So we have covered the free wood in some spotty oilcloth and I intend to have a go at making a little drawstring curtain to go across the front of the trolley - don't laugh! I'm sure Sophie and I can give it a go!! I will let you know how we get on! The Flea market shelves fit in the corner nicely so once I've painted that corner, I will add some bits and bobs to finish it all off!

Of course a thank you to my lovely hubby, who yet again had to get his DIY stuff out and do as he was told!   He loves it really! So this weekend I intend to paint and sew - what a fun prospect!


Jayne Schofield said...

You're so clever ! You need to come to his house and give me some tips !!

jill said...

Your little corner will be so pretty once finished.I dont have much work space in my kitchen I use my table a lot,would love a big farm house kitchen.Love Jill xx

Louise B said...

Your house is so pretty, I suppose it's all about making the best of the situation. The trolley looks like it was meant to be.

Federica said...

your house is simply AMAZING! I love every corner of it (I was so pleased to be able to look at it in the magazine article some time ago as well!) and your kitchen is so cute and cozy! A bit of a shame to remove the lovely vintage cabinet but I think the new solution is lovely and genius! I particularly love the polka dots oilcloth on the worktop! soooo cute!
I really can't understand why people didn't come and view at it and most of all buy it! It's beyond my comprehension because my dream would be a lovely period house close to a park like yours!
I look forwards to seeing the new "space creating solutions" in your house :)
hugs federica

Federica said...

ps: I am absolutely sure that you and your daughter will make a perfect team in creating the curtain for the trolley and it will come out lovely :)))

Hannah said...

That's such a fab idea. I'm seriously limited for worktop space in my diddy little flat aswell. But alas, we can't doo too much DIY because it's a rented property.
You've given me some much needed inspiration though. I can feel a trip to Ikea coming on already.
I loving all the dotty details in your kitchen too. :)