Thursday 5 July 2012

A lot of progress...... just one morning. I spent the early hours awake, my mind in active mode, moving shelving and organising boxes. So once awake the day was planned.

 Today, with the support of my lovely ladies who help me, we started to move the big racking into the new bit of premises which I had marked out the other day. We made a super team and in about 3 hours we had done the lot.

 All the big racking had been dragged through to the new bit which is going to be the 'raw' stock area - it will house all the stuff that comes direct from the printers before it is cellophaned, packet topped and packed ready for packing.

 There is an area in the back corner where I have my clutter from home and as I said previously, there will be a small area set up permanently, for taking product photos or it will last until we are desperate again for more space.

 Our current big space will be for all the products once given the dots and spots finishing touch - it will be completely allocated to products ready to be picked and packed. I am waiting for some shelving to arrive on Tuesday and have my Ikea trip booked for Monday - hubbies first day of the holiday! Aren't I kind?

 It's so easy to get between the two areas, just a curtain in the way, also a major draught buster in the colder months.

So I still have a lot of organising and sorting to do but am relieved at how much we achieved today. I can now look ahead to the next waive of products with enthusiasm rather than dread, wondering where they would all go! 

So a huge THANK YOU to Rachel and Ashley for all their help today - it was so appreciated and I promise coffee and cake next time we're all together.

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