Monday 16 July 2012

The end of term is in sight

 Tonight we decided to sort out our teacher gifts for the end of the year, I must confess it felt like Christmas rather than the end of the Summer term, as we sat around the kitchen table wrapping in the gloom. 

I think it is important to say Thank You - I often hear 'Teachers don't know they're born with 6 weeks off for the Summer' but having been a teacher, I know and appreciate how hard they and their assistants work. On Friday, we snuck a tin of mini chocolate bars into the staff room for the 'whole' staff to enjoy, to say thank you and get everyone through the last week of term.

 Sophie, now at Secondary school says it's not cool to give teacher's gifts except for her form tutor, so we decided on some 'on trend' paper pom poms, as she is an Art teacher and would appreciate them.

 We thought this year we would try and give the teachers a little bit of Summer as it is so lacking this year. I know the teachers like dots and spots goodies but feel as if not much thought has gone into the gift if we only give that, so we mix it up a bit.

 A little bundle of English Summer with a Union Jack M&S mini cool bag, some dots and spots British Teatime postcards and mini notebooks, Summer Pudding Chocolate and British Cherry Bakewell biscuits.

Sophie and Sam are very fortunate to go to such lovely Rural Somerset Schools with very dedicated, hard working teachers - so Thank You and fingers crossed the sun might start to shine once the holidays commence!


Rachel said...

These presents look lovely. I am a primary school teacher and although we don't expect presents, they do make us feel appreciated, especially when such obvious thought has gone into the present choice xx

Crafted by Carly said...

You can be in my class, my dear!!! What lovely, thoughtful gifts!