Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Normal Stuff!

 Okay I will try not to dwell on this dismal weather - nothing can be done about it and I guess, when I'm busy over at the premises it really doesn't matter. Today was a normal working day, nothing too exciting.

 We had a mug delivery to check over and find homes for, an array of trade, web and NOTHS orders to pack and at last, a bit of time to think about our new extra space.

 Back in the Easter holidays, workmen knocked through to an adjoining room (our first smaller premises) to give us some extra space. I never intended to use it until the Summer when Jeff could help me jig things around and build some shelving etc. So with his holiday fast approaching, I marked out and measured where things could go.

 I also moved this lovely cupboard that I'd treated myself to into position. I fell in love with it but have nowhere to put it at home yet! so I am keeping it over at the premises for now and will use it for some lifestyle shots.

I have also kept this wall blank - next week I am dragging my lovely husband to Ikea to buy a table and I intend to set up a permanent photography area for all those product shots that need doing. 

Behind the scenes, progress continues on all our new products and designs for our 2013 ranges which will hopefully start materialising over the next couple of months. So we continue to be busy but busy doing normal things, routine things and continue to hope, that the sun will shine soon.

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