Friday 13 July 2012

Swan update!

 My poor swan is really not liking the rain and has taken on a two toned water mark look!

 I popped over to Wells this morning to have a look and she is puddling in her middle,

 her beak is sodden and

 blue, wet patches keep popping up!

 Hard to believe that when I first designed her, I was worried about the sun fading the coloured paper, not how she would cope with 2 months of persistent rain!

She has until the end of August, early September to survive the elements and can be found outside the very lovely Maddie Brown Gift shop in the Market Place - Wells,  where you can also find a number of dots and spots goodies.

From this Saturday until September you can also buy various Swans of Wells souvenirs from a stall on the Market. I'm hoping for a dry, sunny day during the Summer holidays to go on the trail - I may be waiting a long time the way the weather is going!

Have a lovely weekend.

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