Sunday 7 October 2012

Back to my walks

It's such a glorious sunny Sunday here in Somerset, that I put my coat on and set out for a walk around the park. I have neglected my walking a little of late - the Summer was so busy and the new term has been whizzing - no time to do anything for myself but I want to start finding that 20 minutes to walk daily again.

Sam came with me, well cycled ahead of me!

I love autumnal days like today - beautiful blue skies but that slight chill in the air but warm when in the direct sunshine. The leaves are beginning to change colour.

Plenty of seed heads ready to drop

and this holly full of berries.

We even spotted this unseasonal flowering crocus - must be muddled by the weather this year!

The ducks were out in plenty accompanied by some very vocal quacking!

My daily walks, which I started in late February have contributed to my new look. Motivated by the most awful photo of me in the Ideal Home magazine feature, I embarked on a 'move more, eat less' campaign. I've been making healthier choices rather than diet and slowly but surely have started to see the results. I have lost 2 and a half stone now and am still confident that I can lose more- another stone by Christmas would be very welcome but I am also in this for the long haul and if it takes longer, so be it! I need to do it in a way it will stay off, rather than something faddy, that will unravel as soon as it stops. This is for keeps - a healthier me for good! (fingers crossed!)


Fiona said...

You look so happy Becky, therefore it works! As for a 20 minute walk every day, get a dog and you have to, which is what I am about to do, but it's not a hardship on a day like today! Fiona x

Claire said...

You look fab and well done on your weight loss, Im going through it now, I'm 40 next April so that's my goal and am not expecting a quick loss (the slower it comes off the better it stays off ) Claire x

SallyB said...

Well done you! Love the red jacket and jeans look! Summer holidays did me in...was always eating out with my girls and ice creams on the beach....oops! Christmas is coming be extra good up til then so you can scoff your Christmas pud!
Love all your things, btw!!

gabrielle said...

Looking good, Mrs Dots! Love the red jacket with the spotty top peeking through, do you always dress so on-brand?! x

dots and spots said...

Fiona - I think my daughter would leave home if we got a dog but I see where you are coming from on the exercise front

dots and spots said...

Claire - I was going to be 'thin by 40' then 'thin by Take That' (concert tickets for 40th!)- it didn't happen. I do think you can only do it if you are in the right mind set and ready to face the challenge - good luck with it all.

dots and spots said...

Sally B I can't resist the odd mince pie in the build up to Christmas so will have to do the same and be extra good now so I can have a treat or two nearer to Christmas

dots and spots said...

Gabriella - would you believe me if i said I posses only 3 items of spotty clothing - everyone expects me to dress in spots all the time LOL

Fleur Cotton said...

Well done Becky!

What a great picture of you ... all that walking has really paid off...keep going!

Fleur xx