Sunday 28 October 2012

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Back in the Summer I tried to book tickets for the new Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour as a Summer holiday treat but left it too late and only very little availability was left. So I booked for half term, put the tickets in a safe place and I guess, forgot about it.

Until today and 2 very excited children. The clocks going back was on our side and we had a good 2 hour drive to Watford, ate a packed lunch in a very cold car park and waited for our timed slot.

It was so easy to get to and all very efficient. We killed time in the shop - just looking!! We had been warned how expensive it was so had already decided on a programme each and that was it, no fuss.

Of course there were the the books - where all the Harry Potter magic begin.

Now I must confess I have not read one of the books myself but duly bought each one, as they came out for Jeff as a present. This was pre-children back in 1997. The first 3 copies I bought with the adult cover but once Sophie was born, bought the children's version in case she might read them one day. 

I can't thank JK Rowling enough for giving my Sam, a child who doesn't necessarily 'do' reading, such enjoyment from this set of books. He spent the whole of last Summer with his head in a Harry Potter book. Sophie, I think is now reading them for the 3rd time. They have of course watched the dvd's as we missed the films on the big screen, as they were too young at the time.

I was quite impressed by how much Harry Potter info I had stored myself, from watching the odd snippet of a film and listening to many a teatime quiz or conversation about Harry Potter around the dinner table.

I have been very selective in the photo's I have chosen to share with you - I don't want to spoil it and give too much away if you are planning to go yourself but if you watched the films or read the books, you'll have a great day. They suggest it will take 3 hours, which is about right if you really want to take it all in.

I loved it - it was really interesting and it was great to see the children so enthused by it all. For me the best bit was all the scale drawings and paper models and the final room (which I will not reveal)! 

So if you are a Harry Potter fan it is a must and even if like me, you know very little you will still enjoy it. Make sure you click on the day you wish to go on the website, as at a glance you think there is lots of availability for the day but there are timed slots you have to book, which may be unavailable on the day you want to go.

If you do decide to go - have a great time.

We did!


Lisa said...

Thanks for the info on this. our children share the same birthday day (5 years apart) and this weekend my husband suggested booking this for their birthday. They both love the movies so this will be perfect and at 3 hours I'm glad it won't just be a quick gallop round for the cost of it!
Lisa x

KC'sCourt! said...

Sounds like you had the most wonderful day. We have the books, dvd's and the books on disc read by Stephan Fry great for long car journeys
Julie xxxxxx

Stripes and Stars said...

I tried booking for this half term, but the time slots and dates we wanted were all taken. I am gutted, more than the kids I think. Your photos make me want to go even more. We will be booking for Easter, well in advance.

Have a good half term. I have too poorly kids at the moment, so maybe missing HP was a good thing.

Crafted by Carly said...

Sounds fab! I HAVE to go there one day!!! :-)

Victoria said...

It looks the perfect day for Harry Potter fans. Great photos. x

Judith said...

Yes, we would like to go as well, but it's a long journey for us to get there...