Thursday 25 October 2012

Photo shoot day

 Today has been a good day, no a great day - it was photo shoot day and Owen has taken some fab photo's in preparation for our new catalogue and loading new products onto our website.

 These are my photo's so ignore them in terms of lighting and colour - Owen's are a million times better. I know I can style a good shot and that Owen can take a fab photo, so we are a good team.

 We had an early start, I got over to the premises to pick and pack as many orders as I could before we began. Jeff very kindly took the children to school and picked up some spotty, helium filled balloons. Rachel spent the morning making up all our Christmas cards so I have plenty of stock made up for half term.

 I'd baked a cake the night before - no prizes for guessing our theme for one of the shots!

I still can't reveal too much yet as you never know who could be looking and taking inspiration from what you are doing.

A huge thank you to Owen for giving up a day to help. We've had to book in another session for a couple of weeks time as we have more products to style once they arrive. I'm so relieved a year's worth of hard work is culminating, just how I imagined. I'm going to start sorting out my stand for Top Drawer soon. It's not until January but I have so many ideas after today for how to style it all - exciting stuff.

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owen lucas said...

Thanks for a fab day Becky! Shooting for dots and spots really gets me in the Christmas mood, such amazing creativity, where's that Drambuie...? OL