Monday 1 October 2012

Design time..... precious and the most enjoyable bit of dots and spots for me.

I try to stay at home on a Sunday and whilst Jeff took the children swimming, I hid away in my studio to play! 

 I am busy working on my new greetings card designs for 2013, pretty much everything else is proofed and ready to print and it's now time to really sort out all my lovely card designs.

When I first started dots and spots all the designs were quite general (on purpose) so that they could be used for a range of occasions - these remain very popular and my very first designs are still ordered regularly. However, as time has gone on we have been asked to design for specific occasions, which we have introduced with any new range we are printing.

I'm now in the position to start filling in some of the gaps and am looking to see which areas could do with more designs, as our cards are still a big seller for us.

The first butterfly design has been reprinted many times but I took the decision to dis-continue it earlier this year so here is a new updated design for 2013.

I was so into my designing on Sunday that before I knew it, it was time to prepare the roast - I make a right old mess,

 and fuelled with a few (precariously perched) coffee's,

I got a whole range of girl's cards done - just a tiny sneaky peek of the new designs. 
I know I'm mean but ...

Now to get on with card designs for the boys!

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing part of the process of designing - thank you for sharing this.