Saturday, 1 August 2020

Farewell July.......

.....hello August!

Wow! How can we be in August already? 
Although I must say, the way 2020 is going, I'll be glad to see the back of it.

July whizzed on by - cancelled holiday plans freed up time to do a mural for work. It was the month that finally 'lockdown hair' could be sorted and a month when meeting up with family and friends could resume again, although still in a socially distanced way! Sophie bought her first car and I picked my first homegrown fig. Face coverings are now mandatory, which makes an 8hr shift at work fun!! (not!!) and we spent a day or two at the beach.

Granny celebrated her 97th birthday this week.

And although we were unable to be there on her 'actual' birthday, 
due to the weather being not 'socially distancing' friendly....

....we did make it down to see her 2 days later.

Making sure we stopped off at Porthtowan first, to see the sea!

My mum gave me some beautiful flowers to come home with.

On Friday the forecast was for sun, sun, sun, the hottest day of the year, so we headed to the beach for the day. We even managed to persuade Sam to join us. No mean feat, given we normally don't see him before midday! Jeff spotted Billy Bragg, I wouldn't have recognised him, he has a house there, so we made sure we socially distanced ourselves, although got a sneaky pic!! Jeff and Sam went in for a swim, I paddled and read my book - perfect.

Sophie didn't come with us. She had a 'virtual' day of meetings for her Placement Year at the ONS (Office of National Statistics) it was also Results day, she only went and got a FIRST!! Her Second Year counts towards her final degree result, unlike last year, so she is thrilled.

Jeff is a happy chappy and a man in demand, now football can resume. He spent this morning refereeing his first game and is now fully booked for the foreseeable future, wouldn't be my idea of fun but it makes him happy.

Anyway, here's to a sun filled August (I hope) 
I shall certainly be making the most of the sun when it shines.

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