Friday 7 August 2020

The boy is 18!!!

My baby is an adult!!
Where, oh where have the years gone? 
Today my baby turns 18!!

It feels like only yesterday we were bringing him home.

A much loved brother for Sophie, 
who from the moment he was born, has never left his side.

We're super proud of all his achievements so far and the young man he has become. 
Unlike his sister, he has no idea what he really wants to do next, exam results come out next week. He's hoping to enjoy a Gap Year, work and save some money, possibly travel a little before Uni..... 
Thankfully no definite plans, given this year so far, leaving his options open.


Sam - birth to 18!

Happy birthday Sam.

I wish you a lifetime of health, happiness and good times. Keep being you, the kind, well mannered, generous, caring, young man you've become. I still wonder how I produced a 6ft + gentle giant, who towers over his mother but am super proud to have you by my side.
Love you, 
Mum x

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