Thursday, 13 August 2020


So Thursday the 13th and A Level Results Day. 

The year when no exams were taken due to COVID 19 and instead, teacher predicted grades were used to form your grade or you were unlucky and the algorithm used, to supposedly make the process fair, downgraded your results.

Sam was one of the unlucky ones and was downgraded from his teacher predictions in at least 2 of his subjects, we forgot to ask about the third as he was happy with that grade!!

So we have no grounds to appeal as his mock exams were terrible! He's a typical boy, didn't do anything until after the mocks, then got his head down, was working hard, would've pulled it out the bag when it came to the exams and got good grades. Instead COVID happened, in school one day studying hard, then came home having been told exams weren't happening and to STOP working there and then. He had a physics tutor at £40 a week and was working hard, on track to fulfill his potential and then whoosh, stop what you're doing!!

So we've registered for him to do the October resits, should get the grades before his UCAS application needs to be sent, late December. It'll be at the later end of applications but it'll be with the grades he gets. He was always going to have a Gap Year this year, so it'll have to delay starting until after the October resits. Thankfully his tutor is happy to help out as he won't be able to go back to school for any further teaching, unless he resits the whole year I believe.

Obviously one hopes that the Government will hold their hands up to this mess, revert to the teacher predictions and do as Scotland have done and go a little way to clearing up this huge mess. But realistically we know that will not happen. So a roller-coaster of a day, mixed bag of results and a 7 week burst of effort now to relearn everything for the October resits.

Still proud of you Sam and just sorry you've been dealt a rubbish hand xx

**EDIT As of Monday the 17th of August The Government did the sensible thing and reverted to CAGs - Centre Assessment Grades. So now Sam has his predicted teacher grades rather those manufactured by the Ofqual algorithm. Will post once confirmed by the school.

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