Saturday 15 August 2020


Today it it raining, the Tor is shrouded in mist but....

....the rest of the week was scorchio!

I was probably in the best place for a lot of it, at work with the air con on.
For once I didn't complain about how cold it was!!

 I've found the one downside of this house, is the lack of evening sun in the back garden. So Jeff and I have taken to sitting out the front, with a coffee and a book, to make the most of the warm sunshine. To be honest, no one even seems to notice we're there!

The garden has been loving the weather and ....

....the bees....

....and our self seeded 'something' is growing well....

My little fig tree is producing so much fruit.

Guess what I'm having for lunch today!?!

So it's a wet Saturday and I have a day off. Jeff's gone off to referee, Sophie's up, no sign of Sam as yet. Have been asked to do some more art work for work, so may just crack on and get that done. Sam has continued to surprise me in has calm, rational approach to his A Level results and subsequent resits. I just hope he 'puts his money where his mouth is' and he knuckles down to study hard from Monday. I don't want 7 weeks of nagging ahead x

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