Thursday, 31 December 2020

2020 ROUND UP!!

HELLO  Goodbye 2020!!

A year no one could have predicted or imagined.

A year of celebrations - Sam's 18th, Sophie's 21st, my 50th. 
A year of travel to Florence, Majorca, Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona.
A year of planned ADVENTURE.....

....or NOT!!!

Because we found ourselves in a Global Pandemic, as a result of COVID-19!
We were told to Stay at Home, Save Lives, Protect the NHS! 
and the whole country went into Lockdown, not once but twice and very nearly a third time!!

Sophie came home from Uni and is still here, doing her Placement Year from home instead of in Cardiff. Sam's A-Levels got cancelled and he's now working during his Gap Year. Jeff worked throughout the Summer term but returned in September and I just carried on as normal but now with the grandure of being called a Key Worker!!!

We clapped for the NHS, I baked, read books, walked daily on our 'Boris Walks' with Sam. We made the most of the glorious Lockdown Spring sunshine. We drank Corona, ate our meals outside and were grateful to live in a nice house, with fantastic countryside so close to home. Jeff cut my hair!! And we spent quality time together as a family.

Spending time together for me was the biggest positive to come out of such a disappointing year. 
Bonus time together as a family, with everyone back at home x

So here's my year in pictures. 
You can always look back through the blog for all the details xx













I follow a page called Simple Politics on Instagram and they've just posted
 this round up of 2020, sums the year up nicely too!

What a YEAR!!!! 

A year we'll never forget for sure but a year I don't want to repeat in a hurry. 
As ever we enter a new year with hope, a clean slate, a chance to discover new things, travel to new places, meet new people, catch up with old. Without doubt 2021 has to be a better year. We have a vaccine, we have hope that we can get life back to normal, whatever the new normal may be. In life I always try and look for the positives. It has been a terrible year for many but we have made the best of it and I will always be grateful for the bonus time we've had together as a family.

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