Saturday, 29 January 2022

The boy is back in Cardiff!

It's been lovely having him home but the time has come for Sam to return to Cardiff. He's been home doing online exams, first 'in person' lecture on Monday, so Thursday we were Cardiff bound.

 I can now focus on me! No more bread, carbs, puddings, treats to entice me! Lots of gentle nudges, intentions, to get me back on track. Need a little wriggle room for Naples and that is sneaking up faster than I'd like, in terms of any positive scale action!!

Also taking up my time and attention is the hall project. I've found a tiler, now to make a final decision on the tiles. Annoyingly the two local places, where I can actually visit, had nothing I liked, so I've ordered another tile and then will make my final decision.

Have swayed to having a grey'ish, less obvious tile for the floor and then will use brighter paint to punctuate the space with colour. 

Am still using spare time at the moment to get out and walk. 
I need to be out in the fresh air!

Spotted my first Scarlett Elf Cup on Wednesday and on subsequent walks.
Must be their time to shine. Although last year I didn't discover them until March

So it was Cardiff on Thursday, missed my walk with Lynn but ventured out into the foggy, murky morning on Friday and went over to East Harptree Woods. 

I've only been once before, a year ago with Jeff. It was a beautiful blue sky, crisp, cold winters day, a big contrast to my recent visit, which was eerie and atmospheric.

Spotted more Scarlett Elf Cups......

....and got treated to numerous fungi finds

I think they're beautiful, so delicate.

Came home to some beautiful daffodils from Mum and Dad

I swear flowers are the only way to get through the winter months, with any joy!!

Anyway, this morning I headed over the Newt. My membership runs out soon and it's gone up from £17 to £48 and although I do love it there, I'm not sure I can justify the price hike. Jury's still out, will see how I feel but I've just joined the National Trust, so plenty of new places to visit. I'll miss seeing the deer, the lovely loo's!! and of course their fabulous cinnamon buns and delicious ice-cream!!

I lucked out big time today. I think the deer had just been fed, so were out feeding on the pathway, right in front of me. Such a wonderful thing to experience.

The snowdrops were out....

The perfect sign that winter is ending.

And there were loads out.

Primroses too....

....and daffodils in bud.....

and hundreds of catkins.

All the wonderful signs of Spring. Nature is amazing if you look closely. I wondered today though, how many of the people I passed actually noticed the snowdrops, the primroses, the catkins, a Scarlett Elf Cup buried in the's all there, if you look x

As I was leaving I spotted this robin, they always make me smile.

 So a good week, a busy week and in two weeks time Sophie will be back for a few days for Reading Week. So much for having lots of time on my own. I wouldn't have it any other way, it's nice to think they enjoy coming home x

So the plan is to try and establish a few routines, get back in to a better, healthier me! Back to work tomorrow, off to Bristol with my Manager on Monday, no idea why, will find out on Monday I guess. Then it's work on Tuesday and finally a four day stint of time off!! Have a walk with my friend Lynn penciled in on Thursday and a long overdue coffee and catch up with a friend on Friday.

Have a good week xx

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