Saturday, 22 January 2022

Walking into Spring

Thankfully, I'm feeling so much better this week.

Have started to give some proper thought to our hall and it's much need overhaul. 
I've ordered some tile samples, so a positive start!

So I worked Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. About every three weeks we have a 'Plinth Change', where all the offers and tickets get swapped over. Every plinth change, instead of working on the front end, I sit and rip up all the new tickets. Can be as little as 4000 or can be 6000+ Then the following day I go to work early and help check and put out any of the remaining tickets or new tickets that didn't get worked overnight. I do find it tiring, just doing that extra few hours, so was more than happy to get out and walk on Thursday with my friend. 

I took her to my beloved Stockhill Woods, as she'd never been before. 
It never disappoints x

The evening clear skies were full of starlings again. They never cease to amaze me, 
as they fly over Glastonbury Tor on their way to roost.

Dragged the boy out of his bed to come out walking with me on Friday morning.
Last chance before he goes back to Uni next week.
A stunningly beautiful morning here in Somerset

Am going to miss him when I take him back on Thursday, he's been home just over a month. 
I won't of course miss the constant feeding, toast mountains, full laundry basket.......!!

We decided, as it was a clear, still, cold frosty morning to walk down to the River Brue...

....down one side, over the bridge, then back the other side....

,,,making our way on to the top of Wearyall Hill.

Fabulous views from the top.

We then spent time together in the afternoon, with me showing him how to make a Cottage Pie. It was bolognese sauce last week, so a couple more things to add to his culinary repertoire.

I left Sam in bed this morning and walked on my own.
It felt like Spring was in the air this morning.

A glorious walk spotting my first snowdrops, first daffodils in flower, millions of catkins, puffball fungi, old men's beard, lots of green shoots and so much promise that Spring isn't a million miles away x

First snowdrops

First daffodils in flower

Millions of catkins

Old Man's Beard

I say it every year but the only way to get through the Winter months is to fill my house with flowers. Spring bulbs, hyacinths, daffodils, tulips...

....and to get out walking!!
Seeing the first very clear signs of Spring out on my walk today, fills me with such joy and hope, that Spring isn't too far away.

I started walking in Lockdown 1, March 2020, partly because it was the one thing you were allowed to do. We were blessed with a particularly warm, sunny early Spring. It had to be local and I discovered some fabulous walks right on my doorstep. Determined to keep it up through winter, I bought some boots and a good waterproof and with my new camera (50th birthday present), I walked miles last year, all throughout the year and still walk today. I find I need to do it now. I need fresh air, I need clear head space, I need quiet, I need calm, I need time to be alone outside, just taking in my surroundings. My camera has certainly made me look closer at everything around me and on days I can't be bothered, I think I'm missing out on a photo opportunity. But this morning was the perfect example. I got up and went straight out on a walk, just a couple of hours but it was all I needed to feel better.

Back to work for me tomorrow, my normal Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I will admit, I find work exhausting, both physically and mentally. My Plantar Fasciitis (foot pain) hasn't improved and won't, with me being on my feet for 8hr shifts. I also find the role I now work 'Runner/Supervisor' quite stressful. I don't like being in charge, telling people what to do, hate confrontation, so feel on edge, slightly panicky throughout my shift. I'm not able to change my role but I have talked to my Manager and am looking to drop some hours. Will see how it goes. Like a lot of people, I'd happily give up work completely but that's not an option, reducing my hours is a step in the right direction.

Have a good week x

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