Saturday 15 January 2022

On the mend!

Thankfully my tummy bug didn't stick around too long and after a few days off work, my first time off in four years, I started to feel like myself again. First coffee in a week, always a good measure!

Whilst taking things slowly at home, I turned my attention to our next trip away to Naples. I began to research the area and have a list of accommodation choices to show Jeff, when he has some time.

I also had to source a new microwave!!
So annoyingly over Christmas, our built in microwave/oven stopped working, the microwave bit, just as we attempted to steam the expensive M&S sticky toffee pudding (was telling me I wasn't supposed to have it!!) When we planned the kitchen originally, we went for a built in microwave because I think they look awful and take up so much space. Because it's now out of warranty and will cost £600 to replace!!!! I've had to buy a free standing microwave. This is the best I could find, to be in keeping with the rest of the kitchen, that doesn't shout "look at me, I'm a microwave and I'm taking up all the space!!" Still not sure it will stay there but I hate my counter top space being cluttered.

On Thursday I went out for the first time in a week and my first walk of the year!! 
My last walk prior to this, was when Jeff and I walked on Boxing Day.
I agreed to go if we went somewhere to ease myself back in gently. 

So we plumped for Ham Wall, just up the road. 
A beautiful misty, murky, foggy meander through the Reed Beds together

We met the friendliest robins on our walk, all posing and wanting attention.

That evening I watched the starlings fly past the Tor on their way to roost, is so hard to capture but so captivating to watch. I stand at my bedroom window and they pass across the sky like silent shadows. I do want to go and see the murmurations again, over at Ham Wall where we were in the morning but it gets busy, it's cold and right when it's tea time!! So for now the view from my bedroom window will do.

On Friday I had to go and do a few things in Wells, pay in a cheque etc, so I went a little further on to Stockhill Woods, my favourite place. It was such a beautiful morning, incredible light.

I also found the rare Hair Ice - formed on rotting wood where there is a presence of a particular fungus. Thin stands of ice, resembling candy floss, form. I only know this because I'd seen it on TV last year. I think I first heard about it on 'Winter Watch', hadn't heard of it before and had never seen it, so quite a find. The conditions have to be perfect, hence it's quite rare.

On my way home, I HAD to stop to capture this view of Glastonbury Tor, emerging from the mists. Such a fabulous view x

So today is Saturday and tomorrow I go back to work for the first time in a week. 
Will admit I'm not really looking forward to it, would happily not work at all, just go off for hours on end with my camera but we all know that's just a dream!! Am looking to see if I can possibly reduce my hours slightly though. I suffer with a foot condition - Plantar Fasciitis and am in real pain after being on my feet all day, so any help with that would be gratefully received.

I bought myself some daffodils to cheer myself up and spending time researching and planning our next adventure, gives me something to look forward to. I don't mind January, as long as I try to remain positive and it's hard to believe that we're already half way through the month!!

Here's hoping my return to work goes well xx


joy said...

Buy yourself a set of spiky balls, £4.99 in Argos and roll your foot/feet over them for 5 minutes at a time. Did the trick for me.

dots and spots said...

@joy I have one already. A foot roller, Ice in a water bottle roller, do exercises, wear the advised foot wear but no improvement a year on sadly.