Saturday 9 December 2023

Busy week of festive preparations

What a soggy start to the week. 
On Monday it rained....biblical rain! 
So much rain, so many floods, a spectacularly soggy start to the week.

Other than to Sainsbury's, I didn't venture very far!
However, by Tuesday it had stopped, enough to go out for a walk with Lynn.

It was a case of staying on hard ground, so we just wandered down to the river Brue to see how high the water levels in the river were. The flood plains were definitely doing their job!

The Tor surrounded by water.

It's hard to tell where the river actually is!

Lynn came back to mine for a coffee, our last get-together for the year and then in the afternoon, I met up with my friend Tamsin for a pre-Christmas coffee and catch up. On Wednesday I had a coffee with's lovely to have made some really good friendships from my Sainsbury's days, so many coffee dates! I was supposed to be meeting my friend Sam for a Christmas catch-up on Thursday evening but we cancelled as we were in for more rain. The road between here and Wells was badly flooded on Monday evening, so didn't want to risk it, although Jeff had to go the Cathedral for the end of term service, and made it there and back okay.

Thursday was 'Save the Children' Christmas Jumper Day!
Any excuse!

And, here, it was Christmas Decoration Day!

Granny's Baubles xx

It's a few days early for me but we're away all next week, so I didn't want it all to do, once we got home. The first time though in 20 years + that I've decorated the tree on my own!

Not gonna lie, it pretty much took me all day! 
But it's done and it looks lovely xx

Friday was hair day! Colour and cut!
Jeff broke up and headed to the barbers!
We do like short hair x

I received an email from the Art Department as the term closes for Christmas, about my new role as Gallery Invigilator! I've been invited to the private view of the new Student Exhibition when it opens in January and will be hosting the gallery three Saturday's in January. I'm really looking forward to this new role x

And today has been about ticking jobs off the ever growing 'to do' list at this time of year.

Tomorrow we head off in search of a little burst of  warm sunshine.
A few days away before Christmas week begins. It was our first time last year, going away at this time of year and it was wonderful, so we were keen to go again. Although we're flying into Malaga again, we're actually heading up to Cordoba for 4 nights but......

 .....back to Malaga for the final evening to see the lights.

I'd never really thought about travelling at Christmas before, but with the kids now young adults, living away from home, as long as I'm super organised with all the Christmas prep it's certainly doable. And it makes for a lovely change. Packing is always a bit tricky, what to take!?! Over here we're in coats, jumpers, scarves but it'll be 18 degrees, could well be back in a t-shirt!! As long as the sun shines, blue skies will be a real treat. I'm fed up of the grey and rain. So, this time tomorrow I'll be in Spain. An early night tonight, 2.30am alarm!! bit of a shock to the system but always worth it x

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