Saturday 21 January 2012

Apples and Pears

I thought that now the show was over and all the new designs launching at the show are no longer Top Secret, I would share with you the new products we have added to the collection and a little bit about the process behind each one.

So I thought I would start with the apple and Pear Gift wrap.

As you can see from the photo's - I choose my papers, lay out very basic shapes to get the colour, pattern sequence correct.

When I'm happy, I ink them all in and overlay the papers into final position.

I then hand everything over to my printers - who I work with, to do the technical bit of getting the layout and repeats correct on the final sheet. It gets delivered over in flat brown paper packets and loaded onto the shelves.

Owen then came over to photograph it for the catalogue and website and there it is - ready....

.... and on our website (scroll to the bottom of the page)


Unknown said...

Super, now this would also make a great quilt!!

Dene Edwards said...

Hi Becky, I absolutely love your blog! I think the apple and pears are gorgeous! Well done!
Dene xox

Nic said...

That is fab. I am loving the chicken wrap even more!!

Pene said...

Oh it's lovely to see how you work! the apples and pears are really cute, love them but then I don't think you've ever done anything I don't?
Happy weekend
Pene x