Tuesday 24 January 2012

Going with the flow......

Since I returned from Top Drawer things have not gone completely to plan - my gorgeous children have chosen this busy moment to catch coughs and colds and have INSET days etc, etc.
I have had Sam off school since last Wednesday - he returned today after enjoying a days Inset yesterday and then Sophie decided it was her turn for a day off!

They have had no option but to at least spend the morning over at the premises with me, as orders won't pack themselves. I do feel bad, as I know they would be better cuddled up on the sofa at home but it could be worse. When I was teaching I used to feel so guilty taking time off because of the children that I used to drag them in with me and camp them down in a kitchen attached to the classroom.

Every order wants 'Valentine's Cards' so orders need to go out as quickly as possible as the day is fast approaching.

We have a lovely collection over on our website - above are just a few designs. I've got my Valentine's card bought and hidden away - have you?

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Anonymous said...

really love these, i just need someone to send me one haha.